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Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Take shelter from severe thunderstorm warnings, too.

Severe thunderstorm warnings deserve your attention just as much as tornado warnings.

In 2019, there were 16,064 reports of strong thunderstorm wind gusts or wind damage in the

U.S., over 10 times the number of confirmed tornadoes (1,517), according to NOAA's Storm

Prediction Center. These strong thunderstorm winds killed 38 people and injured another

202 according to NOAA.

It doesn't take a tornado to send a tree crashing down onto your home or vehicle.

If you have large trees around your home, you may want to seek shelter on the lowest floor,

preferably in the basement, if a severe thunderstorm warning is issued with the potential for

damaging straight-line winds.

Before thunderstorms threaten, keep healthy trees trimmed and remove any trees, particularly dead ones, leaning toward your house.

April 30, 2021

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