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Weather Safety Tips at Work

What do you do when you’re ‘in the dark’?

1. Stay put until the emergency lighting turns on. It will take about 45 – 60 seconds,

which feels like 5 minutes when you are standing in the dark, but the emergency lighting

will provide enough illumination for you to evacuate the area.

2. When the emergency lighting comes on evacuate to the designated Rally/Meeting

Point. These should be on the evacuation maps posted in the facility.

3. Do not wait for an evacuation alarm; it will not sound as the alarms run on electrical


4. Check in with the Evacuation Coordinator and let them know if anyone is missing

from your work area. There should be an accurate account of individuals that are not

accounted for so other areas can be checked. A list will be developed of all

unaccounted-for employees. Verifying these employees are out of harm’s way will be the

primary task of the Evacuation Coordinator.

5. Do not leave the facility or go home! This will result in your name being on the

missing employee list and will waste valuable time looking for someone who is not on


6. When it is safe to return to work, the Evacuation Coordinators will spread the word to the


Remember, in times of stress, minutes feel like weeks. It is natural to feel confused or unsure.

The most important thing you can do is to stay calm, follow the evacuation procedure, stay with your evacuation group, and wait for information and instructions. Many people are working behind the scenes to assure your safety and return the plant to ‘business as usual’

Follow your company's policy and procedures for evacuations and other emergencies.

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